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5-Pack Auto Glass Nano Repair Fluid Car Windshield Resin Crack Tool Kit Crack US


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Price: 699 USD

5-Pack Auto Glass Nano Repair Fluid Car Windshield Resin Crack Tool Kit Crack US


1. Easy to heal and repair most crack types on car windows which are caused by traffic accidents, crashes, collisions, and blows.

2. Money saving and economical, you can repair the windshield crack by yourself without the need of buying a new glass or going to professional automotive repair shops.

3. Reusable 3ml repair liquid can fully meet your daily repair demands, combined with curing lamp(not include) will achieve better result.


Condition: 100% Brand New and High Quality

Liquid Material: Amino-acrylate

Bottle Color: Black

Net Content: 3ml


1. Please park your car indoors to avoid UV sunlight which may cure the repair liquid in advance and cause a repair failure.

2. Make sure you have cleaned the crack to prevent the moisture and dust from coming inside in case of a repair failure.

3. The cullet needs to be cleaned up for clear access to repair liquid which allows the liquid to deeply penetrate into the crack.

4. Only start curing when the repair liquid has fully penetrated under high pressure when considering that the curing is irreversible.

5.keep the cured film covered by the crack,move the car to the sun for 10-30 minutes,or use UVlight instead of curing to know the curing position.

Package Content:

5* Repair Liquid

25* Cure Strips

5* Sleeve Razor



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