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BULK Freeze Dried Uncooked Sirloin Steaks Camping Hiking Survival Storage Food


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Price: 4088 USD

BULK Freeze Dried Uncooked Sirloin Steaks Camping Hiking Survival Storage Food


One (1) bulk package of freeze dried uncooked USDA Choice Sirloin Steaks packaged for long term storage.

With additional discounts for volume purchases!!

-Vacuum sealed, packed in a moisture and oxygen-free environment

-Easy-tear top bag that is re-sealable

-Fast, free shipping


-100% satisfaction guarantee with FREE return shipping and FULL refund if you are not 100% satisfied

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Freeze Dry Wholesalers, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Colorado Prime Farms, LLC and a US Government/Military Defense Contractor, for the first time ever is finally able to make our full line of US farmed, locally sourced and ethically raised/grown bulk-packed Freeze Dried Foods available to the general public. 

Designed for long term storage, yet affordable enough for every day use, you will find a selection of freeze dried foods with us that has not been match by any other company or commercial provider in the history of our industry. 75% of our products are not even available anywhere else except through us.

You no longer have to pay retail for single serving or small retail-packed freeze dried foods. And you no longer have to worry about what kinds of chemicals or additives are in your pre-packed freeze dried food.  Pay less by buying a bulk package, which allows you to open and remove what you want to use for this meal, trip or outing, then seal the pack and save the rest for future use.

Although packaged for an extremely long shelf life in an impermeable resealable USDA/FDA approved Mylar bag with an food grade oxygen absorbers and a moisture absorbers/desiccant, providing an unopened shelf life in most cases measured in decades, not months or years, our healthy line of wholesome and minimally processed foods are designed for and are affordable enough for every day use. 

Not just for hiking, biking, camping or emergency preparedness anymore; you can now have a nutritious, healthy and great tasting snack or meal anywhere or anytime, all without the need for refrigeration or having to carry a heavy cooler around with ice. Perfect for all kinds of specialized diets (keto, paleo, Atkins, etc.) or certain dietary requirements (food allergies, celiac, gluten intolerance, etc.) as well!

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With this listing you will be purchasing one bulk package of freeze dried USDA Choice uncooked Sirloin Steaks with a net weight of 7.5 ounces, packaged for long term storage.

This bag contains the equivalent of 30 ounces or almost 2 pounds of fresh Sirloin Steaks if purchase at your local butchers shop once rehydrated and ready for use. Each ounce of steak will weigh approximately 4 ounces of fresh steak when rehydrated.

These sirloin steaks are not cooked, so they are perfect to take on a hike or a camping trip to cook over a small stove or an open campfire – without the hassle, mess and waste of having to lug a cooler around with a lot of ice. And YOU get to decide not only how to season them – but how to cook them to taste. Like your steaks rare or medium rare? Want a low sodium or low carb meal option? Try getting that out of a commercially packaged meal…

Simply rehydrate with water for a few minutes (instructions on the label), cook and season to your liking and serve!  Great for the kitchen OR the trail!!

Commercially prepared by a leading Government Contractor


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Stop paying big $$$$ for small serving pre-made pack that contain a TON of preservatives and ingredients that you can’t even pronounce. Minimally processed, ethically raised 100% US beef only with these steaks.

And don’t trust your food safety to a ‘mom & pop’ part-timer doing this in his or her garage or family room to make a few extra dollars on the side nights and weekends. With the availability of home freeze drying equipment, for a few dollars, anyone can be in the freeze dry business. But that doesn?t mean they know anything about the commercial food business, food preparation, food safety or food handling basics.

If you take a chance on something freeze dried and sold on eBay by a ‘weekend warrior’, you do so at your own risk.  How do you know that the freeze dried food you are purchasing with your hard-earned money was handled safely? Has it been freeze dried completely all the way through? Was is stored properly at the correct temperature prior to freeze drying? Was there any cross contamination? Was it even freeze dried properly with the correct handling procedures and sterilization techniques? Was it packaged correctly? The truth is, you don?t know, because all you see is the packaging and some pictures of product that could be from anywhere.

Do you really want to take a chance at getting sick during a disaster or on your next camping trip because you bought freeze dried food from a guy or gal playing around in his or her spare time? Were there any PH tests done to determine product stability? Were there accelerated shelf life tests done by an accredited lab to insure a long life? Were samples sent out for food-born pathogen testing? And most importantly, was it purchased, stored at the correct temperature, inspected, freeze dried and packaged at an approved commercial facility? FDA, the USDA and local health departments will NOT approve home kitchens (or garages) for commercial use. Period.

How do you know that the home fridge was cold enough to store it safely or that it wasn’t holding something for the family pet at the same time that may have come in contact with the product you are purchasing? Are there any sick kids in the house that are in and out of the same fridge? Was anyone sick and in the same room as the food when it was out? Was the counter sterile and were gloves and hairnets worn when handling the product? Was food safety even thought of at all – or was profit the only consideration?

We have all the required approvals, work only in a commercial kitchen, and handle ALL of our foods the correct way with the correct protective gear – and we sterilize each piece of equipment after each run as required by law (and common sense).

Here’s a look at our commercial kitchen facilities where any all advance prep is done;

 photo IMG_3550_zpsrnmth9zw.jpeg

 photo IMG_3551_zpsaail2v1q.jpeg

 photo IMG_3552_zpsnn2ulygs.jpeg

 photo IMG_3553_zpswjhe9bq0.jpeg

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How are foods freeze dried?

Freeze dried food looks and tastes better than dehydrated food, as there is no heat used that will change the structure of the food at the molecular level.

Freeze-drying is a special form of drying that removes all moisture and tends to have less of an effect on a food’s taste than normal dehydration does. And you will not lose all of the nutritional value/

With freeze-drying, food is flash frozen to extremely low temperatures (-40 degrees F) and then placed under a strong vacuum. The water in the food will then ?sublimate? – which means that it turns straight from ice into vapor so it can be drawn off via the vacuum. 

Freeze-drying was originally developed and is most commonly used to make instant coffee, but as the technology advanced, it now works extremely well on all kinds of foods.

Please note: Even though we will prepare and package your product well for shipping, there will likely be some cracking and separating of each steak. That is because the freeze drying process will often make the food brittle once the moisture is removed. Packing them under a vacuum like we do also can put pressure on the product and cause some of your steaks to break in half. This is normal and will not affect the quality of the food in any way.

Why Freeze Dried Foods?


Freeze dried food looks and tastes better than dehydrated food, as there is no heat used that can change the structure of the food at the molecular level.


Refrigerated, frozen, and canned food just don?t last very long. Freeze dried foods will last up to 25 years and they do not need to be to be rotated like other foods. Freeze dried food is perfect for home storage.


Freeze drying maintains 97% of the nutritional value of the food. Other methods of preservation, such as canning and dehydrating, use high temperatures that destroy much of the food value.  Dehydrating retains only 60% of the nutritional value, and canning retains only 40%!


Freeze drying perfectly preserves meat, fish, dairy, eggs, ice cream, fruits, vegetables and even fully-cooked meals.


Want a couple of hamburgers or a single chicken breast for dinner but don?t have any fresh ones on hand? Tear into a package, rehydrate the amount you want, cook and serve.  Seal the rest for a later date!


Not only will your fresh-freeze dried food look and taste better than store-bought food because it is flash frozen and freeze dried at the peak of freshness, it?s much less expensive because you won?t have to rehydrate more than you want to serve, thereby reducing waste.

Heres a side-by-side picture of what your freeze dried food looks like fresh (on the left) and then freeze dried (on the right). No shrinkage or loss of taste or nutritional value!! Just add water and it is fresh again!!

 photo Plated_zpsfz9ek7xo.jpeg

Why buy Freeze Dried Foods?

Prepare for any emergency


Most people will be affected by some type of serious disaster in their lifetime. Having freeze dried foods on hand that you can store for decades puts you in control of your family?s survival, no matter the circumstances.


Man-made disasters such as war, explosions, chemical spills, and terrorism, cause human suffering, loss of life, and food shortages. Having freeze dried foods on hand gives you peace of mind in case any of these worst-case scenarios occur.


Having a supply of freeze dried foods on hand can create a high quality emergency food supply, so you can take care of yourself and loved ones in case of job loss or financial downturns.


Buying freeze-dried foods from a big-box store is expensive, and you are usually forced to buy some items you don?t want just to get the items that you do want. The food is often full of salt and other preservatives and the limited choice means you buy meals you may not even like eating. Buying freeze dried individual food items in bulk is a great way to save money when building your emergency food supply or creating your own meals.

Food Storage and Preservation


Unlike canning, freeze drying causes very little damage to the nutritional value of the food. Freeze-dried foods retain around 97% of the nutrients. Canning destroys over half of the nutrition.


The process of dehydrating affects the taste, color, and nutrition. Dehydrating destroys nearly half of the nutritional value. Freeze-dried food, in contrast, preserves nutrition and looks and tastes just like it did when fresh.

Store-Bought Food Storage

With freeze dried food ingredients and staples on hand, you can control the quality, taste, and natural goodness of the food you are storing and eating. Plus, you only pay for what your family will eat, so the cost of your food storage will be far less.

Healthy Living


Unlike canning and other ways of preserving food, freeze drying causes very little damage to the nutritional value of your food. Freeze-dried foods retain around 97% of the nutrients.


Purchasing freeze dried foods can help you make sure you always have access to fresh, tasty foods that work with your dietary considerations. The right freeze-dried food can be perfect for those who eat gluten-free, raw food, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, or suffer from food allergies.


The average American family wastes a lot of food. A recent study by the USDA found that the average American wastes about one pound of food per day, which can cost the average family up to $2,400 per year. Rehydrate only what you will consume and save money by eliminating waste.

Outdoor Lifestyle


Freeze-dried food is lightweight and fits easily into any backpack. Instead of eating salty, store-bought meals, you can enjoy your own favorite food while on the trail in the backcountry. Just add water.


Camping meals should taste great but be easy to make. Freeze-dried food fulfills both these needs. Combine your freeze dry favorites into meals at home and enjoy them in the mountains around a campfire.


People who travel around in trailers and RVs love freeze-dried food. They can make all their favorite meals at home without having to have large capacity refrigerators and freezers. Freeze-dried meals make mealtime in the trailer or RV simple, letting you spend more time enjoying your trip.


Enjoy meals with what you like during your next hunting or fishing trip that are easy to prepare, lightweight, and tasty. Freeze-dried meats easily rehydrate and taste just like fresh, so you no longer have to eat jerky for 2 out of 3 meals a day.

Pet Nutrition


Feeding your pets freeze-dried food is a great way to keep them healthy. Many feel a raw diet of freeze-dried food is best for pets.


Store-bought freeze-dried pet food and snacks can be very expensive. Bulk purchasing of just the items you want lets you provide freeze-dried food for your pet at a fraction of the cost.


Some pets have very finicky tastes. Individual freeze dried items let you discover what freeze-dried food your pet loves most and, since you control the ingredients, you can fully trust the food you?re feeding to your pet over store-bought.

When you are ready to purchase freeze dried food, purchase from a Defense Contractor who is already supplying product to the Government.

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