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Clear Dual Drive Gear BMG Extruder Tools Kit for 3D Printer MK8 V6 CR10 1.75mm


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Price: 1398 USD

Clear Dual Drive Gear BMG Extruder Tools Kit for 3D Printer MK8 V6 CR10 1.75mm

Product Features

  • ❤️ Gear ratio is 3:1, high precision, we recommend 385 for the E step. And adjust the tightness of the thumbscrew to suit the printing. The gear is suitable for all 1.75mm filaments, even flexible filaments such as TPU.
  • ❤️ Two driving wheels grab the filament from each side to provide stable and reliable water intake for the. From common materials such as PLA and ABS to flexible filaments such as TPU or TPE, the twin drive gears of the extruder provide consistent filament flow in direct drive or for Bowden configurations.
  • ❤️ The extruder can be installed with a bottom mounting groove for E3D or for Bowden tube groove installation. The design of the twin-drive extruder makes it suitable for direct drive configurations. This is because it helps to reduce the weight of the tool head. The lighter head means that the printer can move faster without sacrificing accuracy or print quality due to swing.
  • ❤️ Please compare the position and size of your printer’s extruder with the size of our extruder before order to confirm whether it can be installed on the printer.
  • Product Specification

    Type Dual Drive Gear BMG Extruder for 3D Printer
    Material Plastic
    Color As shown in the picture
    Style Left BMG
    Suitable For 3D Printer MK8 V6 CR10 1.75mm

    Package Included

  • ❤️ 1 x Dual Drive Gear Extruder Set
  • Location Description
    In order to improve buyer’s purchasing experience and let the buyer receive items as soon as possible, we currently set four warehouses in diffirent cities of United States : one in Fremont, California; one in CITY OF INDUSTRY, California; one in Whippany, New Jersey; one in Monroe Township, New Jersey. When the order is generated, we would send the item to the buyer from the nearest warehouse with sufficient inventory to the order receiving address. Hope you could get your item soon,if you have any problem,please contact us by email. Thanks for your understanding and support in advance!


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