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We combine shipping where safe to do so. Internationals, we use Ebay Global Shipping only. Many of our items are from an old Yankee New England Maine Family estate –Hope you find something you can treasure.  Pictures are worth 1,000 words, so we let our photos do the talking. Be aware that camera flash and your color monitor can cause color difference –-Remember pics are closeups of item and thus exaggerated, use ruler/coin photos and/or Description for better estimate of actual size  We have 5-10 days handling due to health issues, If you need sooner, let us know and we will try to accommodate if we can



Estate vintage Mid-century Gilt washed Sterling & Enamel SCANDINAVIAN Norwegian

Fabulous Silhouette Scenic Panel BRACELET with geometric links

By renowned silversmith AKSEL HOLMSEN

This pretty bracelet is done with lovely rust color enameled geometric open oval links flanking 3 Silhouetted Scenic Panels… Each panel is framed by very Art Deco looking black rays and trapezoids.  Black silhouettes are hand painted onto translucent colorful enamel panels, done in the same fashion as guilloché, basse-taille, champlevé, or plique-à-jour techniques.  This creates amazing gently bright coloring depending upon the light source.  

This coloring allows the jewelry-maker to capture the beauty of Scandinavian skies under low, non-setting suns and the effects of the Aurora Borealis.

The three scenes are classic symbols of Norway: 


Each scene is accented with flying birds, important symbols to the Norwegians, likely based on Norse mythology.  Two of the most renowned birds are Huginn (from Old Norse “thought”) and Muninn (Old Norse “memory”), a pair of ravens that fly all over the world and bring news back to the god Odin.  Birds enameled on silver or gilt heart pendants are often lucky tokens given at christenings.

Two panels also show the sun in a low position, representing the Midnight Sun.  Also called Polar Day, this is a natural phenomenon that occurs during summer (May through August) in places south of the Antarctic Circle and north of the Arctic Circle – including Northern Norway.  This is an integral part of Norwegian life.

With the increase in Scandinavian tourism post-WWII (scroll down for more info), jewelers began making scenic jewelry to appeal to tourists seeking souvenirs.  The combination of gracious geometric forms and silhouettes of Scandinavian symbols that updated earlier Art Deco enamelwork made for very appealing jewelry.  Hand done, no two are alike, even if the scenes seem to be the same.

The gilded Gold Washed sterling is signed with Aksel Holmsen’s crossed X logo and 925 S.

Make it your reminder of your travels to the Lands of the Midnight Sun… or a reminder of your bucket list wish!

FROM THE WEB (thanks to Per Bredo Ostby): Aksel Holmsen (1873-1962) was a Norwegian maker of sterling silver jewelry, first trained by David Andersen from 1889 to 1892 in filigree work.  He completed his journeyman’s piece in 1901 and continued to work for David Andersen until 1904. Officially licensed in 1906, Holmsen then established a small silver and enamel workshop at Storgaten 7 in Oslo. The workshop, fashioned after David Andersen’s business model, was a major supplier of enamel goods and later silver and silverplated hollowware. The company outgrew its location, so Aksel Holmsen relocated to Sandefjord and founded Aksel Holmsen Smithy in 1932. The company is well known for its modernist aesthetic. Much of their quality work is in vermeil (gold plated sterling) or gold washed sterling and/or sterling with enameled guilloche and basse-taille designs.  Holmsen’s son Ivar joined the company in 1942 and became its chairman in 1950.  The company was closed in 1971, not 10 years after Aksel’s death.


The growth of the tourist industry after the second world war can be linked with increased wealth and more leisure, improvements in mobility, accessibility, and transport, advancements in technology, changes in lifestyles and fashion, innovations in product development and designand increased awareness of other places. These factors helped foster the rapid growth of tourism, which has since become the biggest industry in the world, employing nearly one-third of the entire global population.

Scandinavian tourism also increased during the second Danish Modern movement.  After the war, styles leaned toward those minimalist, unadorned clean lines adopted by furniture and home goods manufacturers in a nod back to the original Danish Modern period between the world wars. The separate Scandinavian countries were united as a single design entity after WW2 which is still true today.  Scandinavian designs provided an alternative to Nazi-era State-centric design fascism, with a focus on democratic, natural, minimal motifs that place home and family at the center.  Interest initiated in the USA when MoMA bought Scandinavian pieces for Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater.

Thus, jewelers began making scenic jewelry to appeal to tourists seeking souvenirs.  The combination of gracious geometric forms and silhouettes of Scandinavian symbols that updated earlier Art Deco enamelwork made very appealing jewelry.  Hand done, no two are alike.



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We think winner should be pleased.

Stored wrapped in smoke-free home. 

We put 5-10 days handling for health reasons, IF YOU NEED ITEM SOONER, LET US KNOW RIGHT AWAY we will try to accommodate if we can


PAYMENT/SHIPPING:  We accept Paypal – safest for all.  US Shipping includes Delivery confirmation  Will combine shipping where safe to do so.   The ONLY international sales we offer are through Ebays Global Shipping Program. Will gladly combine shipping where safe to do so!! — We are probably the best packers on eBay.  We want you to get your items exactly as they are when you win them…SO please take note: we double pack any breakables, we often triple pack antiques, so that adds weight to the package. 

Please refer to photos (coloration is/ may be off due to flash and your monitor!)   It is HARD to photograph metal, so please note marks and glare are from flash!!!!!!!!!

 Some GENERAL information about the silver we are listing:

• FYI: it is not unusual for sterling charms to be unmarked from this era: many charms came unmarked on display sales cards that had the maker and metal info; as well as jewelry items under a certain weight did not have to be hallmarked.

• FYI: Purity marks for older silver pieces can differ from those commonly seen today. Sterling Silver Jewelry up until the 1940s era was often stamped “STER” or “STG”  as well as “STERLING”. The “925” and “STERLING” mark has been continuously used throughout the years. 

• FYI: Rhodium is in the Platinum family of metals.
 It was often used in the 50s-70s to plate sterling silver to avoid tarnishing,
 In the Rhodium plating process, 925 Sterling Silver is given a nickel underplate prior to Rhodium plating. The nickel is magnetic and causes the magnetic attraction.

• FYI: Sterling: .925 silver — European Silver: .800 or .835 or .900 silver — Euro silver is not inferior, esp. highly collectible vintage Euro silver



Please PLEASE take the moment to read all terms of sale

(1) Buyers are expected to read entire listing, view all photos and use as part of the description, compare measurements to your own items, read/understand our policies, and ask questions if anything is unclear BEFORE bidding/buying. 

(2) No more international bids taken because of several bad eggs who bid and then never paid.  We are old and clearing out 2 lifetimes of accumulation so its too tiring to relist over and over!!!  We will sell internationally via eBay’s Global Shipping Program

(3) Please only bid on this item if you plan on prompt payment & will CONFIRM AND COMMUNICATE w/in 3 days of winning.

(4) We reserve the right not to sell to anyone with Negative or hidden feedback, as we determine. If you have a lot of negatives, it is worth emailing us first before bidding!!!

(5) We’re neither Expert nor Dealer, we do our best to be accurate in our descriptions- and like any other buy-it-now or auction, items sold to highest bidder as is, final sale, so be sure to ask questions first.~~~~~~ We are old and clearing out 2 lifetimes of accumulation so really cannot take returns!!

(6) Winning bidder to prepay/must pay S/Ins (We pack VERY WELL, but reserve the right to insist upon insurance against shipping damage or loss)  If insurance is declined, winner must assume any loss/damage.

(7) PLEASE make payment within 4 days OR deal may be cancelled.

(8) We do our best to weigh and measure everything according to our high standards.

(9) We will ship as soon as we are able, after payment is received.  Usually a day or two.  Bear with us, we are slower than we used to be —  And please don’t gripe about shipping costs to us, we are victims too!!! Take it up with the Postmaster General at pmgceo(at)usps(dot)gov

(10) WE DO NOT DO REFUNDS.  But some buyers just go ahead and go through eBay – when we prefer you contact us first if there is a problem, give us a chance to make things right for all.  PLEASE NOTE: we charge a 15% RESTOCKING FEE on the total amount if we determine the return is UNWARRANTED: 

**Buyers Remorse. 

**Changed Mind.  

**Dont like Color. 

**Dont like in general.  

**Found another one same or similar for less.

**Doesn’t fit.   

**Bid or Bought without asking questions

**Bid or Bought without reviewing measurements in description and/or photo

**Bid or Bought – quote – “By Mistake”

And other such unwarranted excuses

If you go through eBay return system, expect a partial refund unless item is not as described.

— Again, read #1 again. Buyers are expected to read entire listing, compare measurements, use photos, and ask questions if anything is unclear BEFORE bidding/buying.  Thanks for your understanding.

(11) As sellers, we leave feedback after we receive your feedback. As a buyer, we leave feedback as soon as we receive and review our items, so ask you please to do the same!



PLEASE NOTE ABOUT THE CLOTHING/WEARABLES WE LIST: Any clothing /shoes/accessories we list are helping us to clean out our own closets, to empty boxes of stored goods from a friend’s boutique that went out of business, and to find homes for garments from catalog photo-shoots. We sell as-is with no returns. We are now retired and moving things forward before we ourselves “move forward!!!”

—For all clothing/wearables we sell – new and especially used – we check for holes, tears, wear, spots, or any other imperfections before we list.  Whether new or used, we have made every attempt to note any flaws in our listings, but may miss something due to aging eyes and/or sheer ignorance about a particular item.

—We ask you to understand that even if we missed something in the description, you are still getting a BARGAIN compared to buying retail, so YOU may need to have the item cleaned, shaped, restored, refreshed, get a button replaced, stitch where threads have come loose, whatever…  

—-Many are just simply wrinkled from storage… Many can be worn as they are, but would benefit from a pressing or cleaning at winner’s discretion — especially worn garments, or even if clothing in new “store” condition, with or without tags, or New Old Stock, because they were once hanging on racks or in store displays, handled by shoppers, dumped in carts, possibly dropped, certainly tried on, some taken home & then returned to store, — and/or often have a dingy look from dust and light soiling from handling, or evidence of being in storage.


Gramma used to say “When in doubt, dont!”

Check our feedback on clothing we sell: no one has complained yet!!!


“If your knees aren’t green or muddy by the end of the day, 

you seriously ought to re-examine your life.”   

– Calvin and Hobbes

“Muddy knees have got me all a-quiver…”  

– Monty Python



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