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[NEW DESIGN] * VIDEO GAMING * store blog website business for sale AUTO CONTENT


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Price: 9700 USD

[NEW DESIGN] * VIDEO GAMING * store blog website business for sale AUTO CONTENT


Have you always wanted your own internet business that you could earn extra money from?

Internet businesses are great because you can work on them from the comfort of your own home in your spare time.  The majority of people that earn a full or part time income from websites are doing it from affiliate marketing. From a few extra dollars a month, to thousands of dollars a month, many people with no technical experience are earning good money this way every day!

Starting a web-based business can be a daunting task if you’re not an experienced web developer.  Good custom web design can cost thousands of dollars and adding articles or changing content can be a technical nightmare!

Amaraq Websites offers an easy solution to this by providing a wide selection of established, turnkey websites that are already filled with content and waiting to make money!

Our sites are geared toward people with little or no web development skills.  They are turnkey, ready-to-go sites that are just waiting to be marketed.  Whether you’d prefer an ecommerce affiliate store, or an information-based niche website, we have many topics to choose from.  Our advice would be to choose a site on a subject that interests you or that you are passionate about!
Video Gaming Affiliate Store

This listing is for an automatically updating niche affiliate website with articles, shopping, videos, & news.  No experience necessary! Since this site updates with new content automatically, you can focus on promoting your site without having to worry about technical skills or designing a website from scratch!


  Includes a super user-friendly admin area where you can delete/add articles, change colors, and customize content.
  Pre-populated with a variety of niche articles on your topic.
  News category pulls in top site-related news articles daily, keeping content fresh for your visitors.  This also adds plenty of fresh indexing material for google and the other search engines!
  Additional page content includes: A Contact Us form, an About page, and a Privacy Policy
  Videos are hosted on YouTube and the other video sites so they don’t take up precious bandwidth on your server, saving you money.
  Amazon affiliate e-commerce store populated with related products.
  Pre-built with affiliate banner advertisements so you can start earning from your traffic ASAP.
  Integrated social icons on the sidebar ready to be linked to your social media profiles.
  Social sharing widgets integrated into each page so that your visitors can easily share your content.
  Built with WordPress on the secure Genesis framework.
  Modern, mobile-responsive design that adapts to all screen sizes.
  Search engine optimized. Every time new content is added it automatically pings aggregators like google and lets them know your site has fresh content!
  Free website setup and free SSL certificate if you choose to host with us (hosting details below)!

  Personalized customer support if you choose to host with us! We will even show you how to sign up for the affiliate networks and plug in your affiliate ID codes for you so that you can start focusing on earning money asap!
Your sources of revenue are really unlimited.  Outlined below is the revenue potential of this site exactly the way it is set up now.  Of course, you are free to add or change any source of revenue or affiliate ad once the site is yours!  This site has a huge passive income potential the way it is currently set up.  Your profits will be determined by how much effort you put into promoting the site.  More Traffic = More Profits.  Telling your friends about it, adding a link in your email signature, social bookmarking, and posting on forums are all good ways to start marketing your site!
The Amazon Associates program is one of the most trusted and reputable affiliate programs out there. Amazon pays you up to 10% of the sales price for any purchases made on Amazon within 24 hours if a visitor clicks through a link on your website. This website is filled with Amazon products in the online store and in the featured widget. The best part is that you don’t have to stock any inventory or ship any products. Amazon takes care of all that for you! Tell your friends and family to visit your website and click through your Amazon link to increase your commissions!
Amazon Associates Account Earnings Example
Clickbank is a leading information product vendor and is one of the largest affiliate programs on the internet. It’s popular with affiliate marketers because of their generous commission payouts. A typical Clickbank commission is 50-75% of the product purchase price!
Clickbank Affiliate Account Earnings Example

Google AdSense analyzes the content on your website and displays relevant text or image ads. You get paid anywhere from $0.01 to $8.00 per click anytime someone clicks on one of your AdSense ads. They don’t even need to make a purchase, a click is all you need to make money with AdSense!  Google will even electronically deposit your earnings into your bank account for you every month!
Google AdSense Account Earnings Example

Affiliate Profit Projections

Below is a table outlining the monthly projected profits.  These are minimal projections, using only 1 sale per day from each revenue source.  Obviously, the amount of work put into promoting the site will determine your actual profits.  This table just demonstrates how easy it would be to generate some extra cash every month with minimal sales.  The sky is truly the limit!
Every web business needs reliable hosting. A web hosting service is a service that allows you to store all of your website’s files and database on a remote server so that they can be viewed from anywhere in the world. We have our own premium dedicated servers that only our Hosting Plus customers are on. Unlike traditional shared hosting, you don’t have to worry about slow-loading due to 1000’s of websites being crammed onto one server!
Please contact us for current pricing on our Hosting Plus plans.

All websites are sold as-is. Please view the live demo prior to purchasing so that you know exactly what you’re getting. Any changes/alterations may be negotiated for an additional fee. A domain name and website hosting is NOT included in the auction price. Amaraq Websites is not responsible for your acceptance into any of the affiliate programs. Applying to the programs and being accepted is solely the buyer’s responsibility. If you have any questions please feel free to message us.
Do I need any experience to run this site?
No, you don’t need any experience at all! Our websites are turnkey, automatic, and ready to be promoted. No technical skills or web design experience is necessary!

What’s included with this website?

You will get the entire website (all files and the database).
What if I have my own hosting already?  

If you already have a hosting account somewhere else, we can transfer all of the site files, set up the database, and configure the entire site for you for an additional charge (this also includes insertion of your affiliate links!). The only requirement is that your host must have cPanel and support PHP. You must also grant us cPanel login access to do the transfer.

If you have the technical skills and would like to setup the website and database on your own hosting, you are free to do so (there is no additional charge for this), although we do not provide any technical support or help with affiliate code insertion.

Does this website come with a domain name?

No, you can use any domain you’d like (a new one or if you already have a domain you can use that).  The website files and database are included with your purchase.  We can help you with domain ideas if you’re stuck!

Can I resell this site?
Our websites come with a single domain license. You can only sell your website with the original domain name it was setup on. You cannot make copies of our websites and/or resell copies under any circumstance.

Except for the final auction price, are there any additional costs of operating this website?
There are absolutely no hidden fees. Beyond the price of the website, if you decide to host with us, you will only be required to pay the annual Hosting Plus fee. In addition, a domain name is around $15/year and is payable directly to your registrar of choice annually.
Do you offer custom turnkey websites with unique designs?
Yes, we do! We can make you a unique turnkey niche website on any topic you’d like. Please message us or look for our Custom Turnkey Website listing in our eBay Store if you’re interested!

Do you limit the number of each turnkey website template that you sell?

We don’t limit the number of each template sold but we are constantly improving and changing them around. We encourage our buyers to make the websites unique by adding their own content and style to them. If you’re looking for a custom designed turnkey website please see our eBay Store or message us.

Please feel free to message us with any additional questions you may have!


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