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Wifi Range Extender Internet Signal Booster Router Wireless Enhancer Repeater US


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Price: 799 USD

Wifi Range Extender Internet Signal Booster Router Wireless Enhancer Repeater US

Wifi Range Extender Internet Signal Booster Router Wireless Enhancer Repeater US


  1. WPS Wireless-N Repeater is mainly used for providing free WiFi service in big area such as factory, community, office or home etc. Small size with better performance and wider coverage, say goodbye to WiFi dead zone!
  2. It complies with the IEEE 802.11n standard with wireless transmission speeds of up to 300Mbps. easy to extend the range of your wifi network, no worry about the obstacle weaken the wifi signal, Feel free to access wireless network via your tablet pc, laptop, smartphone anywhere.
  3. It has 2dBi ceramic chip Antennas providing even better wireless performance, transmission rates, stability technology automatically avoids channel conflicts using its channel selection feature. It also works well with other 802.11g and 802.11n protocol wireless products.
  • Built-in Antennas: Built-in antenna for better performance. Reliable wireless N network speeds up to 300Mbps covering your bedroom, restroom, garage, backyard and garden etc.
  • It can build up a broad wireless coverage, providing better wireless performance in penetrating walls, transmitting across a multi-floor house, allowing you to enjoy wireless freedom anywhere around your house
  • Plug Wherever you Want: After doing the configuration, you can unplug this network booster and plug it back to anywhere you want. No need to set it up once again.It does not have a cord, it plugs directly into an outlet like a nightlight dream of backyard wifi realized.
  • High Speed: Extending existing wireless network to hard to reach the area with speed up to 300Mbps, creating high speed, long range, and stable network.
  • Plug and Play: Easy to install and use. Designed with mobility and portability, a little gadget with great value, ideal for home, company, and travel in use.
  • WPS Button: Can be simply set up on your phone/ iPhone/ tablet/ laptop/ PC within 5 minutes. Simply pressing WPS button to get safe encryption. Support WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA/WPA2 encryption methods to prevent unauthorized access and monitoring.
  • High Compatible: Ethernet port allows the Extender to function as a wireless adapter to connect wired devices, Compatible with 802.11n/g/b devices, work with any wireless network, router and Wi-Fi enabled devices including Smartphone, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop, Smart TV, TV BOX, etc.
  • Working Mode: Repeater mode for stronger wireless performance and coverage and AP mode which creates a new WiFi access point.


Setting up a Wireless Infrastructure Network, For a typical wireless setup at home (as shown below), please do the following.

  1. Wireless ap Mode: You will need broadband Router internet access, Connect the wifi repeater to your router/switch with RJ-45 Cable
  2. Wireless Repeater Mode: You will need WiFi AP/Router internet access, just plug the wifi extender into a power slot, after configuration to be an access point
  • Color: White
  • Networking cable: 65cm
  • Transmitted Rates:  – 300Mbps
  • Frequency range: 2.4-2.4835GHz
  • Wireless Transmit Power: 14 ~17 dBm (Typical)
  • Power supply unit: 100V-240V AC

Wireless Signal Rates With Automatic Fallback

  • 11n : Up to 300Mbps(dynamic)
  • 11g : Up to 54Mbps(dynamic)
  • 11g : Up to 11Mbps(dynamic)
  • Modulation Technology: DBPSK, DQPSK, CCK, OFDM, 16-QAM, 64-QAM
  • 300M : -68dBm@10% PER
  • 150M : -68dBm@10% PER
  • 108M : -68dBm@10% PER
  • 54M : -68dBm@10% PER
  • 11M : -85dBm@8% PER
  • 6M : -88dBm@10% PER
  • 1M : -90dBm@8% PER
  • 1 x Wireless Wifi Extender Repeater
  • 1 x RJ-45 networking cable
  • 1 x User Manual


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